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Doug-Out Cookies

Northwood Village
7450 N. Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93720
Corner of Fresno St. & Alluvial
Open 7am-7pm Mon-Thurs
7am-8pm Fri
8am-7pm Sat
Closed Sundays

The Doug-Out Cookie Story

Cookie Tray

As a youngster, Douglas Low wiled away summer afternoons listening to baseball games, interrupted by trips to the kitchen for cookies and milk. Thirty-five years later, after building a successful law practice, Doug wanted to return to the idyllic days of his youth, when the afternoons were warm, the world fresh, and hopes and dreams were as sharp as the crack of a bat. Combining these memories with his love for cooking led to the creation of "Doug-Out Cookies". Doug has combined fun and excellent taste in his cookies, muffins, coffee cake and fudge brownies.

Now everyday is the World Series at Doug-Out Cookies!

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